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Androcles and the Lion

When the Runner stopped running.

Ronon Dex and Dr. Beckett; in variation
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Ronon + Beckett = Rockett
Or, alternately, Dex + Beckett = Deckett, but not quite as cute dontcha know.

This community is (or rather, will be) for people who think Ronon Dex and Dr. Carson Beckett from Stargate: Atlantis definitely have a bond (read: relationship). It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic; friendship or otherwise, we are here to celebrate this bond.

We welcome any fanfiction, fanart, banners, icons, pics, or well anything else having to do with Ronon and/or Carson. Please remember to label slash, rate fanworks, and give spoiler warnings. In addition, please use an lj-cut for long posts, images larger than 300x300 pixels, spoilers, anything not safe for public viewing, all that good stuff. Most importantly, remember to share the love! We love these guys!

We're not quite up and running, but soon will be. Would appreciate any help. And, you know, not feeling alone in this 'verse.

Any questions, comments, issues, &c., get in touch with Mod!Epi @ fancyfox @ livejournal.com. Thanks!

Happily affiliated with:
mcdex, McKay/Dex comm
dex_slash, Dex slash comm
beckett_grodin, Beckett/Grodin comm